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  • jahnavi
    06-20 02:15 PM

    I just want to know how long it will take to receive the cards after approval because i am planning to move ..

    Is it really take 60 Days ?
    What is ADIT processing ?

    On June 20, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-25 07:20 PM
    Those of you who follow H-1B developments know that a memo issued last month essentially tries to bar H-1B use when the employer places the worker at a third party site. The aim was to target IT staffing companies in an attempt to deflect criticism from Senator Chuck Grassley. Despite the fact that there are a whole host of unintended consequences (for example, doctors in some states are actually barred by law from being employed by the hospitals where they work and must be employed by physician groups - bet you didn't think doctors' practices were staffing companies, but they...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/02/dhs-war-on-staffing-companies-apparently-doesnt-include-dhs.html)

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  • immigrantinwaiting
    11-23 05:29 PM
    Here is a question for one of my friend

    He is a July 07 filer and has I 485 pending for more than 180 days, has EAD and AP.
    All through the years he has been on H1. however there is a gap of 40 days between change of employer on H1. (The H1 is approved after this gap of 40days) Is he in the status during this gap of 40 days because he has pending 485 and has valid EAD/AP?

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  • pappu
    04-13 02:32 PM
    I have some experience and my wife has some.(We already have got our gc but I am glad to help)

    Pls send a PM or email to pdakwala


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  • fedekorcho
    09-29 12:57 PM
    Hi i've been reading the forum for a while now and I hope that you guys can help me out. Like most people i have more questions than answers.

    I just got my i140 approved (Sept 24,2008 or so).

    The LC was file around Apr/Jun '07 so i would assume this is the Priority date correct?

    My lawyer tells me that while this is great, we still have to wait for visa numbers to become available to file the 485. Any suggestions on when is this gonna happen?

    I know that this is somewhat linked to the visa bulletin ... how should i read it to understand in a few words, when is my time?

    Once i've filed i485 how long does USCIS takes to process it?

    On the other hand, i'm quite anxious about changing jobs. If I do, do I waste all this time invested in the process? any other way around that?

    It seems like no lawyer wants to provide a straight enough answer. I know it's a lot of questions but i really appreciate it.


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  • gc_perm2k6
    03-11 07:50 PM
    They have a petition to be signed. Should we sign? IV Core members, please advice.


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  • cprb2284
    02-06 05:07 PM
    hI ATTY I am working under an h1b visa right now as of 2011. But i had a previous petitioned by another employer way back 2006. There was an I-140 filed but it was denied and I never heard from my petitioner then. I do have the USCIS copy and case number. Can I look for another employer and atty that could reopen the case?? Please help me. Thanks

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  • wait4ever?
    04-09 11:10 PM
    i am waiting for my priority date to become current to file for I-485. But it looks it'll take forever, as evident from May 09 visa bulletin, in which the visa dates are unavailable for EB3 India category. Do you know why dates are retrogressing or stagnant in bulletins after bulletins.
    I have another question. My birth certificate is in an Indian language which was issued from the panchayat office where I was born. I want to know if that can be translated to English right here in US for I-485 application. Can somebody else who is not related to me write the translation in English and then get it notarized? If this is the case, then I don't have to go to India or get it done from there from the panchayat office, because this may take a long time. If anyone had tackled issues such as this, please share.


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  • frostrated
    10-26 02:10 PM
    call them and find out.

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  • TheHulk
    11-30 08:16 PM

    My spouse was on H1, the applied for H4 which was approved but he start date was incorrect, so an I102 was applied to get the I-94 corrected , we got the dates incorrect again so the lawyer applied for correct of dates again (October 2010)

    In the mean time, we had a family emergency and my wife had to go to India , She went on a valid AdvanceParole. ( We have a pending 485 , so got an AP also)

    Today we received a mail from USCIS, asking her to attend an interview regarding this I-94 replacement.

    . She is not in US
    . She submitted all the I94 cards she had at the Aiport

    1. Will she have any problem coming back. She was always on Status. NO issues there
    2. Is there any way to postpone the interview ?
    3. Does it affect my I-485
    4. What is the best course of action

    Thanks and rgds


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  • rocompo
    08-24 03:35 PM
    Hi All,

    I have a simple question.

    I have my I-140 approved with some kind of receipt number.

    My lawyer filed my I-485 and it reached NSC on Aug 9, 2007.

    I have not recd. any I-485 receipt notice or number yet.

    Can i still track my I-485 progress using my I-140 receipt number on

    the USCIS website somehow ?

    Thanks for your answers.

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  • gaz
    07-22 08:31 PM

    Can the invitation letter and the letter to the consulate be faxed to my parents to present to the consulate, or do I need to courier the original signed letters over?



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  • webm
    10-29 04:06 PM
    Based on the posts in this forum,during POE the I-94 will say AOS pending status if you enter using AP..So i dont think it matters with AP validity date.


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    Delaware Immigration Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:

    B-1 visa is for the visitor who has an unabandoned foreign residence, intends to visit only temporarily and intends to engage only in permitted business activities.

    B-1 business visitor may be admitted for the purpose of enaging in business but not for the purpose of local employment or labor for hire. in distinguishing, the determination would be whether the principal place of business and actual accrual of profits are in the foreign country. Permitted business activities may include

    Engaging in commercial transaction which do not involve gainful employment
    Negotiating contracts;
    Consulting with business associates; and
    Participating in scientific, educational, professional or business conventions, conferences
    B visitors may apply for extension of stay in six month increments and may change to other non-immigrant visa statuses.


    More... (http://deimmigration.blogspot.com/2009/11/b-1-business-visitors.html)


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  • kedrex
    04-07 07:43 AM
    Dont go by these dates - they are only processing dates. Go to this website for scheduling appointments:


    You can only schedule appointments 6 weeks in advance.

    By the way, does anyone know the approximate time daily that these appointment slots open up. I remember this used to be around 6am a couple of years back.

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  • americandesi
    08-31 05:52 PM

    Does anyone know if a H1B can be transferred from a University to a company? Has anyone gone through this process?

    The present h1 position comes under university (non-profit) category. You cannot transfer your H1 to a company which falls under profitable category. You need to apply for a new H1 which falls under cap.


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  • vikrant29nov
    03-10 11:36 PM

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  • sareesh
    10-29 01:19 PM

    Thanks Chiwere.
    Can I refile under EB2?

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  • carbon
    09-13 10:04 PM
    I have the same question. Can someone please guide us.

    Thanks a lot.

    10-10 06:49 PM
    I was wondering if this recession could turn out to be a silver lining for those of EB2-I,C who manage to survive it. Come to think of it, with all these job losses theres bound to be a downturn in hiring - resulting in lesser number of EB1 and EB2 ROW applications. This means more could overflow to EB2 I and eventually EB3 (I,C and ROW) survivors will benefit to.

    Although we also need to remember that the H1B quota will still get filled up on Apr 1 - recession or not. So don't really know how this would turn out.

    What are your opinions folks?

    10-19 12:14 AM
    I am planning to port my existing priority date from EB3 to EB2. I just wanted to understand the risk I am taking. Could you people do let me know the impact on my exsting PD(EB3 with approved 140) and future 485.
    If in case my EB2-140 with PD porting doesnot go through...

    I appreciate your thoughtful comments

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