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  • hemasar
    05-02 01:06 PM
    Check this out

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    02-19 07:00 PM
    Today's news that Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh will be retiring is probably bad news for much of the Democrat's legislative agenda. But when it comes to immigration, this is probably a good news day. Bayh's last vote on comprehensive immigration reform was a bad one. He voted with anti-immigration Senators to filibuster the 2007 version of comprehensive immigration reform and there is little reason to believe his vote in 2010 would be different. On the other hand, Senator Lugar, his Republican counterpart from Indiana, is a much more likely vote in favor reform. Bayh may feel freer to vote...

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  • peacocklover
    09-08 01:30 PM
    Labor application was filed in 2008 and got approved in 2009; what is my PD 2008 or 2009?

    it's date when your PERM application was filed.

    Priority date - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

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  • jrad
    07-23 08:48 PM
    Can we apply for I - 485 without having the I -140 receipt notice.What is the work around so that I dont miss the Aug 17,2007 date for filing I -485.Are there any chances that my I - 45 will be rejected, or will I ge an RFE.
    My I - 140 was applied during the 2nd week of July, 2007.



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  • newuser
    11-09 03:52 PM
    Thanks for the link

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  • sashidhar_gundimeda
    01-18 09:36 PM
    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am not sure if I can even bring this topic up about PERM in this forum. So, if this is irrelavant, please let me know.

    My employer will be submitting a PERM application for my L.C. in a day or two. All the requirements for the job are complete. My question is, on the applciation there is question (Q:12) which states about "business necessity" and my employe will be checking "NO" as the answer. I am not sure what impication this could have on my application. The job requirement is B.S. degree with 5 yrs experience. I have a M.S. degree with 5 Yrs experience.

    Please let me know if we are going in the right direction.



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  • vijayendrak
    10-17 10:40 AM
    I am going on an international travel on job for 1 month during my OPT period. My OPT started in Jul 3rd 07 and I am planning to travel in the month of jan 08.

    What are the documents that I need to procure for making my trip possible. Also, if someone could comapare this situation with international travel in H1 status it will be great help.



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    08-07 09:40 AM
    Here's another article discussing the embarrassment that is CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. I don't need to elaborate on that, but the more interesting part of this article is a discussion of why CNN is so reluctant to fire him. Apparently, it's more fear of Dobbs going to Fox and worry about Dobbs using his radio show to bash CNN. But is this really so valid? Dobbs' ratings are down 20% this year. Fired anchors jump networks all the time. Some do better at their new digs. Others fade in to further obscurity. And CNN is bashed daily both on Fox...

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  • Skelerex
    07-14 01:14 PM
    Well, I am a facebook fanatic! (

    Uploaded with (

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  • shreya
    02-16 09:17 PM
    H1-H4-H1 conversion --Please advice
    Posted Today at 10:14 PM by shreya

    I came US through H4.Currently on H1 since Oct 08. As Economy is bad,my employer couldnot place me in a project.So my employer is asking to convert from H1 to H4(by applying i-539) and once i get project can move back from H4 to H1, which will not come under seperate Quota as my H1 is already approved once.

    Can i know is this safe to move from H1 to H4 and then back from H4 to H1 once i get project.Will there be any issues in converting H4 to H1.What are the chances of getting H1 back.

    Please advice.Any suggestions is really appreciated.



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    05-21 08:40 AM
    I was listening to BBC News last night and heard an interview with a scientist described as one of the world's leading experts on climate change. That scientist is Indian-born Ram Ramanathan, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego. He recently won the Tyler Prize which is awarded to the top environmental scientist in the world. UCSD describes Ramanathan: One of the world's leading atmospheric scientists, Ramanathan was the first to show that ozone-depleting aerosols could aggravate the greenhouse effect. In 1980, he correctly predicted that...

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  • Adam
    04-24 11:10 PM
    lookin' good :thumb: that first one is still my favourite!!


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  • smartboy75
    08-26 11:03 PM
    I know sucks ....I have already created a thread for that ...check it out...

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  • bhartigorkar
    10-04 12:42 PM

    you will get lot of material on Microsoft site :)


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    10-26 11:52 PM
    Regular readers of this blog know that I get upset easily when I hear about how anti-immigration policies negatively impact military families. Soldiers who put their lives on the line to preserve the American way of life deserve better. The Los Angeles Times writes about Frances Barrios, the wife of US Army Spc. Jack Barrios, a soldier just back from Iraq. The Guatemalan-born Frances is facing deportation because she entered the US illegally. She came when she was just six years old. Frances and Jack have a one year old daughter and a three year old son. Jack is suffering...

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  • EAD
    02-28 09:59 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I used to work for company �a� which was a part of the bigger company �A�. There was another company �b� which was a part of the bigger company �B�.

    Now both companies A and B made a joint venture (JV) and made company �c� joining company �a� and �b�.

    Company A has 25% stake and company B has 75% stake in JV(Company "c"). The new formed company "c" has �new name�, all employees filed �new employment applications� and have �offered a new employment� with the new company �c�

    Now my question is as this company �c� is totally �new�, can I convert my EB3 case to EB2 and use company �a� experience and file for EB2 with company �c�



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  • MDix
    02-22 07:01 AM
    Total 18166 ROW PERM certified( including expired ones). Max 60% will fall into EB2 that mean total 11K ROW(EB2).

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  • anilsal
    02-01 05:19 PM
    and letters is all that is needed for now....

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  • edd
    11-20 02:52 PM
    Hello friends,
    Would really appreciate if someone can share some information on this topic.
    My Labor has been approved as software Engineer in current job, even though all responsibilities are that of Database Administrator.

    I am planning to invoke AC21 and my new job responsibilities are an exact match with my current labor, but, the title is Database administrator.

    Is there any risk involved in it ?

    Any input is greatly appreciated...


    Anders �stberg
    February 27th, 2004, 09:17 AM
    That's a nice picture, and if you hadn't said snow it might have been white sand! :)

    Competitiveness Bill does not have immigration provisions [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Competitiveness Bill does not have immigration provisions

    04-24 02:09 PM
    Thanks sparky

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