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  • a_paradkar
    07-27 09:27 AM
    I am currently working for Company A and would like to join company B on EAD. I have a valid EAD and would use it to switch over.

    My question is

    1. what document's are needed to send to USCIS for AC 21 for/from company B.
    2. Do I need to send any documents?

    Thanks for you

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  • vhd999
    02-13 08:52 PM
    We have been applying for advance parole document at NSC for the last few years.

    This time we sent our application to NSC on 01/28/2010.
    After about 15 days, we received a receipt notice letter from Vermont service center.

    The I-131 application instructions specify that I-140 based applications should be sent to either Nebraska or Texas service centers.

    I am wondering if USCIS started processing I-131 application in VSC.
    Or our application is mistakenly misclassified and sent to VSC.

    Any comments?

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-05 08:10 AM
    When historians try and get in to the nitty gritty of how the Republican Party went the way of the Whigs, they might have a chapter on the GOP's pushing of this issue. There is ZERO chance birthright citizenship is going to be stripped from the Constitution. The reason it is being considered is to score points with far right wackos and don't they always vote Republican anyway? Ah, but in the days when the wackos can dump a moderate GOP member in a primary, there's really no choice is there? A lot of thoughtful conservatives are pretty conflicted on...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/01/and-here-we-go-birthright-citizenship-latest-immigration-wedge-issue-to-move-front-and-center.html)

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  • HalfDog
    03-09 07:23 PM
    lol, if you want, we can start the battle again, just didn't want to sit waiting


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  • kirupa
    07-29 12:29 PM
    Hi John - this may help you out: http://www.kirupa.com/blend_wpf/custom_wpf_windows.htm

    The rounded corners in that tutorial came from Windows itself :)


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  • mp.Designs
    11-03 10:05 PM
    I can vouch for Jeremy here. He has some pretty nice skills, and wont run away with the money or anything. If u want proof of his AS skills, ask for his Isometric 3d engine. its amazing :)


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  • CADude
    08-23 01:44 PM
    NO it's RIRO [Random In Random Out] process.

    Lots of July 2nd filer are waiting.. So have faith and more wait..:)

    I guess USCIS is sending Receipt Notes according to priority dates meaning with 2006-7 priority dates will get receipts later.
    My 485 reached on 2nd july...No Update yet.

    Can I ask any one get RN with priority date later than 2006?

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  • satishku_2000
    06-14 02:27 PM
    Processing of 140 applications in NSC now takes 9 to 12 months . The movement of dates only will make things worse for processing of all the applications.

    Hope it does not take more than a year for AP and EAD ...


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  • engineer
    03-20 09:11 PM

    Can one apply for Admission in US University while one is on Visit Visa in USA ?

    If yes, will he/ she get I-120 while staying in US ? or one has to leave USA to get I-120, apply for f1 visa and then come on that visa ?

    I will appreciate your answers.


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  • immig4me
    09-02 08:32 AM
    USCIS - Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a 1RCRD&vgnextoid=eb7b5cdc2c463110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCRD )


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  • Bark
    03-22 08:57 AM
    Hi all. I'm looking for a little help with part 2 of I-485. I've sent off my I-140 and I am hoping to apply adjustment of status concurrently. I wondering which box to fill in part 2. A. looks the closest, it reads: 'an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice......)' My trouble is this: If my I-140 is approved then my visa number is no problem, it is current for my category/country (outstanding professor/Canada). Since the I-140 is pending, this looks like the wrong box, however, none of the others look even remotely close. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bark

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  • seeker
    09-14 12:58 PM
    I am planning to visit India for a10 days in October. I have a valid h1b status till 2010 which I thinking of getting stamped at new delhi. But it seems the PIMS verification delay is making people wait for weeks and months. I have an AP which I can use to enter as an alternative. But I wanted to know if anyone had experience in stamping at the delhi consulate? Do they keep the passport if it is send for PIMS verification? In that case I'll drop the idea of getting it stamped and use my AP (though I want to avoid doing that snce I want to maintain my h1b status).


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-26 09:40 AM
    We don't have actual legislation to examine yet, but Senator Schumer has outlined the major components of the bill he'll introduce: 1. Illegal immigration is wrong, and a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration. 2. Operational control of our borders--through significant additional increases in infrastructure, technology, and border personnel--must be achieved within a year of enactment of legislation. 3. A biometric-based employer verification system�with tough enforcement and auditing�is necessary to significantly diminish the job magnet that attracts illegal aliens to the United States and to provide certainty and simplicity for employers. 4....

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/06/the-elements-of-the-2009-immigration-reform-bill.html)

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  • sagar770
    08-02 10:28 AM

    I was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. I was naturalized when I was 18 (4 years ago). I heard that when naturalized in the U.S, my Canadian citizenship was not lost (I never filed any paperwork with the Canadian government stating I wanted to give up my Canadian citizenship either). Is this true?

    If so, can I apply for a Canadian passport? Should I do this? Are there any responsibilities/problems/repercussions that could occur if I do this?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • dask
    01-07 11:58 AM
    Any I-485 approvals from Nebraska.. for EB3-I in the month of Jan..
    My finger printing was done in Sep-2007 .....took an Infopass and opened a SR .The IO officer @ infopass said that the finger printing has to be initiated from Nabraska...any body on the same boat

    please respond

    PD 31st Jan 2002 EB-3-I

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  • Prashanthi
    05-08 04:11 PM


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-26 11:20 AM
    The Supreme Court issued its decision in the Arizona business license/e-Verification law of 2007 and by a 5-3 margin has upheld the law. This is the law that allows the state to revoke business licenses for firms knowingly hiring unauthorized workers and also mandating all employers use E-Verify. This was always going to be an easier case for Arizona than the defense of its 2010 law. For one, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which created the employer sanctions system, says that while states may not impose civil and criminal penalties on employers hiring unauthorized workers, it does...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/05/supreme-court-upholds-state-business-license-e-verify-sanctions-laws.html)

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  • Will
    06-11 07:49 PM
    Hey bud I need this plug-in can you send me a copy of it thanks Will

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-25 05:49 PM
    poll to see how many June/July filers had I-140 approved, and how many dont

    03-04 08:32 PM
    No way connected with Employment based.
    You need to wait till your PD for brother sister to be current.

    My I130 application (green card filed through my sister) was approved recently. Can I extend my currend H1B visa beyond six year term through this I130 approval.
    Thanks alot

    Blog Feeds
    02-15 09:30 PM
    Shortly after we published our last post on January 29, entitled, �Is it Time for an End to the H-1B Protectionist Restrictions Applicable To TARP Recipients?�, USCIS issued guidance on precisely the issue that the post raised; that is, �whether the companies who received TARP funds, but have since repaid them to the government, are still restricted by the H-1B dependent rules?� It would be a bit presumptuous on our part to surmise that USCIS policymakers are readers of this blog -- it�s much more likely that this guidance was issued in anticipation of the impending H-1B filing season rapidly...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/h1bvisablog/2010/02/uscis-advises-that-banks-repaying-tarp-are-freed-of-h1b-filing-restrictions.html)

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